About us 

PAMA was launched early 2016 to unite all different Portuguese media outlets to better serve the Communities in the uS.
We also offer memberships for musicians, artists, as well as photographers, bloggers and journalists, so they can share their work with many outlets.

Our Team

Nelson Leite - President/Journalist - Hilmar, California - E-mail

Mark Maciel - Vice-President/Video-Photo-Art Design - Turlock, California - E-mail

Anderson Terra - Journalist - Hilmar, California - E-mail

Michael Rocha - Journalist - Hilmar, California - E-mail

Simone Castro - Journalist - Lisbon, Portugal

Joel De Sousa - Journalist/Sales - San Jose, California

Irene Silveira - "The Portuguese Perspective with Irene" Show - Newman, California - E-mail

George Costa Jr. - "The Salty Cod with George & Friends" Show - Hilmar, California - E-mail

Donald Mota - "Your Culture Now" Show - Hilmar, California - E-mail

Cristina Almeida - Special Events Coordinator - Turlock, California